Web site hosting

serversWe are sometimes asked by prospective clients “I can get cheaper hosting so what do you offer that is better?”

The answer, “Of course you can but look at what you get and why we offer a better all round package that is much better value.”

The quality of our servers and security provided is second to none. The complex has a formidable firewall protecting all the servers and applications. That means that any online transactions are going to be as safe and secure as they possibly can, assuring the client and their visitor of a trouble free transaction that alone must be worth the cost. Technical Support is free and included in the package.

We are happy to provide an extra non technical support to a client to get them working. Because we care about the clients welfare and rather than say “That is not our problem!” A client needs help when he wants it, not in day or two when an outside engineer is free.

We will provide that help as part of the package, which has included in the price 2.5 hours of unspecified help. Most new clients use more than the amount and few use less so on the swings and roundabouts theory it is fair to everyone.

We offer a range of hosting solutions tailored to the requirements of the website hosted. We do use a one size fits all approach where you pay for unused hosting space and bandwidth.

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