With recent rulings of the European Courts about where user data is kept, it might be a good idea to identify where the user data for your website is kept.  A website can be hosted anywhere in the world without any performance issues. A lot of the cheaper hosting companies have their servers located outside of Europe.

If you are storing European visitor data on servers based in the USA, you are exporting “personally identifiable information”, or PII, of users in Europe to the United States. European law does not allow exporting of user PII unless companies can demonstrate they will protect European user’s privacy and data.  That means that if you store the PII of European members on your website on servers based in the United States, you may be open to lawsuits from Europe, although the impact of the decision is unclear at this point.

SDK Solutions hosting customers can rest assured, as our hosting is located in Nottingham, UK, and therefore do not export user data.

I would recommend that you find out if your hosting provider or cloud host provider is aware of this change in European law governing data stored in the USA and what they’re doing about it. Your hosting provider may (like Amazon) already have agreements with member states in the EU that cover this change in European law.


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