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WordPress Security

Posted on Apr 24 by

WordPress websites are being the target of relentless DDoS attacks since last week (you can read the full article on the BBC website) The attacks are focussing on WordPress websites that use the username ‘admin’ to get into the administration dashboard.  This is the default username when at installation. Its important to make sure you don’t have a user account with the username admin. To check this, just follow these steps log in to your website and click on  “Users” on the left-hand side navigation You will then be presented with a list of all user accounts on your site, check the list for a username ‘admin’ Hopefully, it wont be there…but if it is then you need to delete it. So to complete this part Check to see that your other users have administrator rights, if they do then you can simply delete the admin user.  This can only be done from a different user account with admin rights. If you only have one user, and that is ‘admin’ then before you delete it you must create a new user and...


BYOD Framework

Posted on Apr 19 by

BYOD Framework is an organisation that advises businesses on how they might implement a “Bring your own Device” policy.  As they are advising on how devices can be used in the workplace, it was important to have a website that worked across all devices, from mobiles to tablets and PCs. Built in Joomla, the site is fully mobile responsive.


Mobile Responsive Web Design

Posted on Apr 8 by

Today’s web users access the internet whenever and wherever they want, 24 hours a day using a multitude of devices.  To ensure your website is providing the level service your customers require, you need to ensure your website works well on the devices your customers are using. It is estimated that by 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.  Already half of local searches are performed on mobile devices. 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device If you put links to your website, in emails, you are encouraging people to then visit your website.. How disappointing it must be for visitors to then find it difficult to read the page you sent them too as they have to enlarge the page and then scroll left and right when reading a sentence. A mobile responsive website makes it so much easier to get your message across as your page fits a mobile screen at a font size your visitor can read...


Reading Interior Concepts

Posted on Mar 19 by

Reading Interior Concepts were a start-up company looking to demonstrate their professionalism to generate new business. The website was built with WordPress to allow for the site owner to easily update the content themselves....


Golf Trolley Shop

Posted on Sep 3 by

Golf Trolley Shop needed to upgrade their website and decided to have a redesign at the same time....


Bluesky Global

Posted on Aug 25 by

Bluesky Global needed a new website as their business was growing and they had outgrown their old site.  They needed a website that was easily to update.  The site is mobile responsive to enable all visitors get a great experience. The site is built with WordPress....